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Hey there and welcome to my little blog world. My name is G Marsh. I am 21 and I attend college for Visual FX. Love my girlfriend Amber :3 <3 I am actually interested in Graphic Design, Media Arts and Interior Design as well. I am a well rounded guy. Kind of geeky in a way. I am also very artistic. I love video games and going outdoors. I am quite the gamer ^_^ Travel is also something I love doing. I read a lot of novels and encyclopedias. I smile a lot and I love being positive and making people laugh. I love life and love to live and I have come to realize that sometimes the most beautiful hearts are those hidden in darkness. We should chat sometime. Leave something awesome in my ask. I always respond back :D I love being social! Oh and if I follow you I am not expecting for you to follow back :D I do it because I really like your blog :) anyway this conceded rant will end here. Enjoy your day ^___^!!!

Music: Hard Rock, Rock, Metal, Screamo, Techno, Dubstep, Electronica, 80's, Orchestra

Movies: Zombie, Horror, Gore, Thriller, Mystery, Action, Love, Romance, Drama, Comedy

Top 5 bands: Devil Wears Prada, Disturbed, August Burns Red, Dance Gavin Dance, All That Remains

Ps. I kind of live on the awesome side of life. So come join me :) Needless to say, but everyday I am tumblin

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Super Mario Galaxy

Created by Ian Wilding

Prints | Title Wallpaper | Helmet Wallpaper

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Who’s excited for Skyward Sword this weekend? ;) I am!!


“Gamer Warning” by Buzatron | RedBubble

For the serious gamer who screams when they die playing video games….

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DAY SEVENTYNINE// I mixed the old with the new today.

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