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Fried Gyoza


Another day, another food adventure with Laiwah. Or rather, two food adventures in one day! On the to-eat-at-list today was Heirloom. I was quite excited by the prospect of eating here because I was very intrigued by how the chefs would combine French flavours with Japanese ones. 


A glass of water. I quite like this photo (taken with an iPhone 4s) so I thought I’d just include it.

Views of the interior. There was something about the black tones with the reds and randomly interspersed lights that made me just want to kick back and relax. Who knew the colors red and black could be so soothing, especially coming from someone who loves her whites and pastels!

And another shot, with more of the bar and the kitchen. 

Complimentary bread, with butter. 

Our drinks. 

Laiwah had a red wine of some sort (owing to my current lack of interest in wines, my mind goes blank with any sort of wine talk. Note to self: must pay attention.) In regards to my drink, it was good as long as I stirred the lemon into the soda water. 

Mushroom and egg chawanmushi.

Spot on. Tasted just like chawanmushi from Japan, except the ones in Japan don’t have mushrooms and greens in it. The texture was practically silk-like. I also noticed that the dish wasn’t very heavy and I was able to finish it minus the sickened feeling.

Hokkaido crab croquette. 

It was a more-filling entree than the chawanmushi. As usual, the outside was very crisp. Aside from the ‘string-like’ texture of the crab meat, it was hard to make out the ‘crab-ness’. The potato filling masks the taste of the crab. Having said that, it was still delicious. Crispy with mayo, the combination is almost always a winner. 

The inside of the croquette. 

Slow roast duck gyoza with sauce à l’orange. 

I think this is a dish that brings together the French and the Japanese flavours. It also happens to be well executed. The gyoza skin was quite soft, like wonton skins and had the perfect amount of crispness for a gyoza. The duck filling was very tender and thankfully lacked the duck aroma/aftertaste you sometimes get with any sort of duck dish that isn’t peking duck. The hint of orange was surprisingly well suited to the umami of the soy and served to enhance the overall taste of the duck. Nom.   

Negima Kushiyaki - chicken thigh, spring onion skewers.

Tasted just like chicken skewers from say, yoyogi. Nothing special. 

A selection of sushi and sashimi.

Chugasm’s sushi and sashimi. It’s safe to assume that Laiwah and myself stayed away from this dish. The dish looked quite substantial for an entree-sized serving. I’m sure Chugasm had no complaints about that! 

Seared yellow fin tuna loin with piperade, white anchovy tempura, and black olive.

Chugasm’s dish. Again, it was a dish the two of us weren’t willing to try. Beautiful presentation I must admit. At Chugasm’s insistence I tried the white anchovy tempura and it wasn’t as ‘potent’ as normal anchovies. At first anyway. After swallowing, the ‘distraction’ that was the light batter on the anchovy went away and left a fishy taste that lingered for quite some time. 

Eye fillet Eyre a la Bourguignonne with mushroom, red wine jus, and truffled pomme puree.

We had high hopes for the dish from the moment we read the words ‘mushroom’ and ‘truffle’. It did not disappoint. I would go as far as to call this dish an AMAZING one. All the elements fitted together perfectly. The truffled pomme puree fluffy to such an extent that it melted away in your mouth. Quite a bit of it also fused with the sauce but it only served to make the flavour of the sauce more rich. The mushrooms had some sort of a special kick flavour wise, putting them on a whole level ABOVE the usual delicious herbed mushrooms. The steak itself was very tender and MEDIUM, it’s juices often seeping out into the sauce and then back into the steak again when dipped into the sauce. I’m often subjected to a chorus of tsks from my steak-loving friends because I like my steaks to be more on the well-done side. However, I actually quite enjoyed the medium’ness in this steak (they would be so proud!). Although it could just be the combination of super delicious flavours that made it delicious… 

Heirloom carrot salad, goats curd, quince and honey.

The light bulb just went off in my mind as I typed out the ingredients for this dish. I seem to have a horrible habit for either forgetting the dishes I order or just not even taking in the words in the first place! The reason for this is because this salad tasted like it was doused in a lot of cream cheese and something very sweet. It makes sense that there was goats curd and honey in this salad. The sweetness of the honey takes a bit of getting used to. As a main, it wasn’t very filling. A. because it’s a salad. And B. cream cheese and honey on a salad isn’t great in such a ‘large’ dose.  

Green tea, with biscotti.

Soy latte, with biscotti. 

I quite liked the non-vegetarian and not-so-much-seafood-oriented set menu that Laiwah ordered. However upon recently visiting their website, it appears that one of their chefs has left and their menu has now changed. Out with the old and in with the new. Despite feeling a little twinge of sadness for the loss of the eye fillet dish, I am very much looking forward to trying the ‘new’ that Heirloom has to offer. 

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131 Bourke St,

Melbourne, Victoria, 3000. 

(03) 9639 1296