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Hey there and welcome to my little blog world. My name is G Marsh. I am 21 and I attend college for Visual FX. Love my girlfriend Amber :3 <3 I am actually interested in Graphic Design, Media Arts and Interior Design as well. I am a well rounded guy. Kind of geeky in a way. I am also very artistic. I love video games and going outdoors. I am quite the gamer ^_^ Travel is also something I love doing. I read a lot of novels and encyclopedias. I smile a lot and I love being positive and making people laugh. I love life and love to live and I have come to realize that sometimes the most beautiful hearts are those hidden in darkness. We should chat sometime. Leave something awesome in my ask. I always respond back :D I love being social! Oh and if I follow you I am not expecting for you to follow back :D I do it because I really like your blog :) anyway this conceded rant will end here. Enjoy your day ^___^!!!

Music: Hard Rock, Rock, Metal, Screamo, Techno, Dubstep, Electronica, 80's, Orchestra

Movies: Zombie, Horror, Gore, Thriller, Mystery, Action, Love, Romance, Drama, Comedy

Top 5 bands: Devil Wears Prada, Disturbed, August Burns Red, Dance Gavin Dance, All That Remains

Ps. I kind of live on the awesome side of life. So come join me :) Needless to say, but everyday I am tumblin

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Getty Center, LA, US

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WURSTKUCHE (Los Angeles, CA)

Wanting to find the weirdest food we could eat, Jesse and I discovered Wurstkuche, a self-proclaimed “purveyor of exotic grilled sausages.” We were thinking of just going with the regular ol’ Bratwurst, but what kind of food adventurers would we be if we didn’t try the grossest-sounding items on the menu? 

With that in mind, Jesse ordered the Rattlesnake & Rabbit with Jalapeno Peppers — “buttery but mildly spicy.” (We also loved the idea of two rival animals combined into one piece of meat.) Meanwhile, I went with the Alligator & Pork, With Andouille Sausage —“hickory smoked, thick casing.” For drinks, they had a fine selection of German and Belgian beers: Jesse got a Bitburger, one of his favorite standbys, and I tried the very-pink Fruli, a beer fermented with strawberry (delish, I could drink this non-stop). 

After a long wait, our order finally came, and the sausages, topped with onions and peppers, were flavorful, juicy and nothing at all like chicken; they both seemed more similar to Bratwurst or a sausage and pepper sandwich. They were delicious and definitely not as disgusting as they sound; we’d totally eat these animals again, and perhaps in a non-sausage form.  


“Cat’s Eye” (by sirimiri)


rib eye with cauliflower mash, asparagus & escargot butter at Animal

photo by muyyum